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Yes, I’m going to start like this. My name is Oscar and I was born in Madrid.
I’m a music producer and sound engineer. I started in this music thing quite young and I worked many roles that allowed me to learn from different perspectives. Over the last ten years I’ve been specializing in music production and studio work.


I live in London since 2009 and I’ve got my own studio space at Rollover Studios where I do most of my work from.





All kinds of stuff. I’ve worked as: DJ and live performer, live sound engineer, studio engineer recording, mixing and mastering, music producer for different bands and artists, remixer, composer for TV and libraries, sound designer creating synthesizer presets and fx, loops and samples for different companies as well as for videos and websites, radio producer, teacher, technical assistant & consultant, post production technician, location recording, audio repair, road manager, technical coordinator for festivals, booking agent, artist liaison, studio assistant and of course runner.


As a sound engineer I’ve worked, among many others, with artists such as: Mala Rodríguez, Russian Red, Delorean, Tote King, Griffi, Hotdrop, Blueskank, Suka, Dan Bowskill, Downtown Beat, Dj Woody, Dj Dizzar, Stamina Li, Kultama, Sr. Tcee, Lila Rose, Raw-G, Giselle Wai-Lau, Radikal Queen, Hotel La Paz, I-Lodica, Makating, Suba Jah, Undress, Alien Pimp, Subjazz, Das Nevez, Servaz, Rakoon, Genetic Krew, Rumble, Shanti-D, BCP, Javier Ochoa, AndresAndreas, Auxiliar, Process Rebel, Jambassa, Volfoniq, Ranking Forest, Camila Monasterio, Cut La Vis, Deeproot & Bean, Eme & David Van Bylen, Yeyo Perez, Prento, George P, Djmetta, Dani Ites, Kemon, Didi Gutman, Thalab, Sammy Gold, U-rie, Hombres Púa,Jamez,Wis,Payoh Soul Rebel, Mighty Mike, Amalgamah or Nytto Dread.


As an artist I compose under different aliases being the most prominent my personal solo project as Ojah having released in labels like SonyBmg, Dubkraft, 18th floor, Dubforce, Digibeatmusic, Breakdrum Recordings, Alchemy Dubs, Dub Vibrations & El Manicomio and having done remixes for many artists. As Ojah I have performed live in different countries and festivals like Glastonbury.


Since 2012 I’m working with Moasley Parr as production duo Most-Hi, where we’ve worked with artists such as: Bizarre (D12), Glasses Malone (YMCMB), Arsonal Da Rebel, Russian Red, Mikee Mula, Caan, Izzy Roth, RawDawg, Spanish Fly, Lil Weez Gunna, Providense, Hector Guerra, Añejo King, Snakeyman, Nines, Ratlin, Lex Dutty, Shet Wexner, Dfect, Camille Purcell, Squeeks, Vee, Jendor.





Over the last few years my work has focused mainly on music production, sound design, mixing and mastering.
Through the years I’ve been collecting a wide range of analog equipment and instruments, combining the latest in technology with classic gear, which allows me to take on very different projects from my own studio space. I work with different companies and labels and also directly with the artists.
If you think my studio and I can be helpful in any way, don’t hesitate and contact me, asking is still free!